Here are some things I made just to be able to say "Yeah, I can do that."

* Native American style Dress: made with deerskin, seed beads, shell discs, brass spots, and large brass discs.

* Horse Mask: made from deerskin, trade paints, brass spots, buffalo horn, seed beads, trade beads, brass beads, bone hair pipe, tin cones, red and black horsehair,  angora fur, and hawk bells.

* Pipe Bag: made of dyed deerskin, trade paints, seed beads, trade cloth, and tin cones.

* Strike-a-light Bag: made with chap leather, deerskin, seed beads, trade beads, brass beads, large brass spot, and tin cones.

* Cowboy Boot Stocking: Approximately 18" H x 12" W made with tooling leather, embossed leather, lacing, sleigh bell, concho, and spots.